Subject Re: [IBO] Virtual data in IBO?
Author Geoff Worboys
> That is what I'm doing! The problem is that I don't have a
> unique key field (as, in some cases, the data, i.e. the
> zeroes, doesn't actually exist in the database).

I have something similar with timesheet entry. I have a grid showing
all inputs for all 7 days of a week, but the corresponding records
dont necessarily exist.

The select stored procedure simply passes back 7 records (filling out
the day's date with zeros or nulls for those entries that dont exist).
There is no insertsql or deletesql, since the user cannot create or
destroy days - they already and always appear to exist. The EditSQL
simply accepts the input parameters - using the date to control the
insert/edit/delete process. If all the input parameters are zero I
delete the corresponding days record, if non-zero values are given
then I insert or edit (depending on whether a record exists or not).

Since the editsql procedure does various validation and limitation
(the person cant work more than 24hours in a day :-), it is necessary
to dynamically refresh the grid after EVERY post. The only way of
getting the dynamic feedback required in this situation is to call
RefreshAll after posting any record, since it is not possible to
refresh an individual record returned from a stored procedure.

nb. Jason and I have discussed trying to provide a separate select SQL
property to allow the specific refresh of an individual record (when
everything else is based on stored procedures) but this has not
eventuated - perhaps sometime in IBO4.

This arrangement would not be practical for large grids, but for small
stored procedures returning a small selection this seems to work quite

Does this help?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing