Subject OT Favour
Sorry to bug people on this list, but this is one of the few lists
that I am still subscibed to/watching.

I have been giving offlist support to people who have been asking
and one of the people I have been helping has a problem.

He needs to use some udf's I wrote awhile back (blob functions to
write to/from a file) but I have only used them on linux.

I have been away from the windows world for so long, I just found
out that I do not even have a C compiler to generate a windows dll
for him. (Truth be told, I forget all the steps to create one even
if I had the compiler).

So here is my request, can someone who has experience compiling a
windows, c based udf, offer to compile up a udf that I provide the
source code for?

The source, the final binary etc are all free to the world without
any restrictions whatever (I even posted the source to the mers
lists a while back).

any help is appreciated

best regards