Subject Virtual data in IBO?
I am trying to write an IBObjects based program which displays a list
of 12 figures by date from a database table, or replaces them with
zeros if there is no entry corresponding to that date. This works
fine as far as displaying the information in a grid is concerned. The
problem arises when it comes to editing/inserting/deleting from the
database table, as I cannot properly define a unique field for the
keylinks (because some of the data is 'virtual', if you see what I
mean). If there was any way I could ignore the keylink setting, I
could write a stored procedure which either 'inserted' or 'updated'
to the table depending on whether the data really existed in the

Is there any way around this problem, other than creating a link to
another table which store the month and year, etc. to generate a
unique key? This seems such a messy option for a component set as
elegant as IBObjects.

The other option I can see is to populate the database with
unneccesary zeroes, which also seems to be un-elegant.

Help me! I've been tinkering with this problem for ages, and I want
to get on to more interesting parts of the program!