Subject Creating Databases & Tables

I don't want to go too far off topic in this group but I am just getting
started with IB, IBO, and SQL in general. I am in the process of reading the
IB manuals and *attempting* <g> to get accustomed to the new terminology.The
IBO help is also some help. However, if may ask a couple of questions:

1. Can anyone recommend a good book or two that would benefit a novice like
myself in getting started more quickly?

2. In the apps that I have developed with Delphi and Apollo (I don't use the
BDE), I have a habit of building in the ability for the app to create its own
tables that it will be using (if they are missing or it is a new installation).
Would this same approach be advisable with IB and IBO or are the databases and
tables generally created separately from the app?

Thank you in advance.