Subject LookUpCombo problems
My LookUpCombo is buggy and only works properly about 50% of the time.

I have two queries - CompanyQuery and BranchQuery.
CompanyQuery is the look up which furnishes a Company name for BranchQuery.

BUG #1: When I type in the first letter of the Company into the look up, it
finds the company. However if the Company name begins with a '[' character
then it cannot find the company.

BUG #2: If I exit the look up and scroll inside the BranchQuery grid, and
then re-enter the look up, when I type in the first letter of the Company, it
does not locate the company. If I then use the updown arrow keys inside the
look up, and then type in the first letter of the company it works correctly
again (!)

I am using IB 3.3De with Delphi 4.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions appreciated


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