Subject Re: [IBO] IB_DataSetPageProducer anyone?
Author Nando Dessena

> I was not aware that the IBWeb actually ended up pulling in the BDE. I doubt
> that this is the case because I use it quite a bit and the BDE isn't on the
> server I run web stuff from.
> Can you please clarify how this is so?

Sorry, I've been unclear. I meant that it requires the BDE VCL package
(VCLBDE50.BPL) to be distributed (not the BDE DLLs), which is odd in an
IBO application.

You probably don't use run time packages so you just don't notice it. If
you have Kylix (which I don't have) you could have a look to see what
they've done about the DBWeb unit; perhaps they have ported it to
dbExpress (ie they have hung themselves to a different tree).

If including the DBWeb unit whith all its load is not an issue, I think
I can go ahead and finish my producers which could then be put in

While we're at it, can you comment on the use of IB_Statement instead of
IB_Dataset for the single record producer? Is it a good choice?