Subject Re: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Dietrich Schulten

"Paul Schmidt" <paul@...> schrieb:

> The GPL only comes into effect if the resulting executable contains
> some GPL binary code.

Precisely. MPL 1.1 style dual license (Marathon PL and LGPL) is probably
the key to this issue.

If Marathon were GPL'd, and let's say Jason wanted to integrate Marathon
sources into IBO, he couldn't do this unless he GPL'd IBO, too.

On the other hand, if Marathon came with an MPL 1.0 style single license,
and someone wrote a GPL program and he wanted to use Marathon sources, he
couldn't do this, because Marathon would be incompatible with the GPL.
Interbase has this kind of problem. It is incompatible with GPL.

If you have an MPL style dual license (Marathon PL and LGPL), both needs
are covered, Marathon could be used with GPL and with non-GPL software.

That's what I wanted to point out.