Subject Re: Re[2]: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Patrick O'Keeffe
Hi Jason,

> We *can* have them with Trustware. People will just have to purchase them.
> Components add value and most of them have demo versions that should be
> adequate to work on stuff with. As long as you aren't directly making
> from those efforts purchasing the tools ough to be optional. I do suggest
> reading the fine print on what can be done with demo versions of products.
> If in doubt, you can also send an email to the 3rd party provider. My
> is that it should be ok in most cases.
> Also keep in mind that I reserve the right to declare the Marathon project
> CPS sponsored or not. I most likely will no matter what Pat decides to do.
> just hope that whatever he does it is IBO friendly. GPL should be out of
> question.

You can declare the International Space Station a CPS sponsored project if
it makes you happy <bg> - The point is whe this descision is made, I don't
want to stop anybody from contributing or deriving an income (from packaging
and support services etc) if thats what they want to do - and yes, anything
as restrictive as the GPL *is* out of the question.