Subject Re: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Patrick O'Keeffe
Hi Rob,

> I would like to second Jason's suggestions and recommendations in his
> missive below. The trustware model should give Marathon the structure it
> needs to remain viable and continue in its development.

Please understand that I was never going to just 'throw it out there' - I
would still remain at the helm so to speak until everybody was on their

> And if it is indeed true that it uses third party products then open
> sourcing it may not be viable. It already uses IBO which is not open
> source, but rather is trustware.

This is not necessarily a problem - anybody who wants to build must have a
license for IBO - The only non open source/freeware component set in
Marathon. GSS would still have a binary build for people who do not wish to
build to download.

> Patrick, please consider these points very carefully. I must say I am a
> little surprised to know that MArathon has about 1 million lines of code!

This figure includes all of the R&D work that never made it into products
over the years - some distributed monitoring stuff, database compare and
some other stuff.