Subject Re: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Patrick O'Keeffe
> I have had a look at the 2.0 Beta and the style is nice. The
> question if I was looking to pay for it - what does it give
> that IB_WISQL does not already have?

I am sure other can answer this question if they wish to - I just ending up
sounding like a sales pitch. <g>

> I can see that the metadata export and management could now
> be useful, but based on a quick look through I would stick
> with what I have.
> That said, I can see that it would make a very nice basis
> for a IB_Console replacement, and if a newcomer started with
> it rather than IB_WISQL ( which is not the most intuitive of
> entry points - not criticizing ) then they would probably be
> happier.
> Now that I am getting to the point where I have eliminated
> BDE from all projects I am seeing light at the end of the
> tunnel, and could give some time to more active support of
> an area like this - such as moving Marathon over to IBO4
> perhaps?

By all means if this is the direction you wish to take Marathon and you have
the time - that would be great.