Subject Re: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Nando Dessena

> One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that Marathon cannot be fully
> open sourced. It has been made with many third party products that may or
> may not allow the use of an Open Source license. Trustware has no
> incompatibilities and I think it is just as favorable to the customer base
> as any open source product is. Free for those who need it free and
> commercially fueled by those in a position to do so.

this is a good point; however, I still feel trustware is more a closed
source model than an open source model, and I don't think all the good
things are in trustware and all the bad things are in OS.

The only thing I know is that an IB_Console replacement is needed, and
that Marathon is a very good candidate. I fear trustware would limit the
diffusion of the product (as though Delphi itself, the VCL and who knows
how many third party commercial components weren't enough).
Is this a reasonable concern?
_/\/ando -- D&D Support Team