Subject BCB5 IDE crashes in IBO_C5.BPL
Author Mario Zimmermann
Hello list,

since I have installed IBO my BCB 5 (professional) IDE crashes often
and sporadically with an access violation in IBO_C5.BPL.

The problem is not exactly reproducable. Sometimes it occurs when I
close one of IBO's property editors, sometimes when I close a form.
And sometimes it is even impossible to close BCB, I have to kill it
from the TaskManager.

Today I have completely deinstalled and reinstalled BCB. I installed
IBO 3.6Dd (compiled and linked without errors and warnings), but
still the same problems.

I know that such problems are extremely hard to find so I just want
to know if I'm the only one having such problems.

My configuration: Windows 2k, SP1, BCB5 prof. with patch 1 (both
german versions).

BTW: I have BCB and IBO installed on two different machines (the
other one runs under Win NT 4). Same effects on both machines. I have
never had such problems before, BCB was absolutely stable before IBO.

Many thanks for any hints.