Subject Re: [IBO] IB_DataSetPageProducer anyone?
Author Nando Dessena
I wrote:

> I'll keep you posted.

Here I am; first of all I have finally understood the meaning of the
IBWeb unit :-) which defines an IBO equivalent of the QueryPageProducer

I have made a TIB_StatementPageProducer that more or less works (I have
thought an IB_Statement was more indicated than an IB_DataSet here, but
I'm not sure), but I haven't been able to create an

To define such an animal you have basically two ways: either inherit
from TDsTableProducer AND include the DBWeb unit WHICH brings with
itself a whole lot of other packes, BDE included, or you copy, modify
and paste almost the whole DBWeb unit.
This means that an application that uses a DataSetTableProducer
components needs to have the BDE package linked (the same applies to the
IBWeb unit). This is a real mess; I don't know how they resolved the
issue in Kylix, but I fear I'll have to wait for Delphi 6 and in the
meantime stick to the TDataSet-compatible stuff, otherwise copy & paste.
Any suggestions welcome.