Subject Re: [IBO] IB_DataSetPageProducer anyone?
Author Nando Dessena
Helen et al,

> >If we are going to make native IBO work with some internet components, lets
> >choose a non Borland provided one to integrate with. This way we can have
> >more flexibility.
> I agree. Grab Indy from - it is already integrated with Kylix, it's open source and cross-platform.

I'm not doing internet. I just need to produce HTML from native
datasets, because I don't want to plug TDataSet-compatible stuff in my
app (which is BTW just a testbed application - I've got to learn, you

I had seen the IBOWeb package; that time I just didn't understand the
need for a TIBODataSetPageProducer since the standard
TDataSetPageProducer works well with TIBODataSet (isn't it the sole
purpose of compatibility?). BTW, if anyone wants to explain the genesis
of that component to me, she/he's welcome.

WRT internet, I agree that the Indy suite is worth looking at if the
need arises to integrate IBO with something like that (even though I
can't imagine just how: a data-aware mail component maybe?); after all
it is right into the Kylix and Delphi 6 box (oops: that's exactly the
same motivation I have heard several times to favout IBX over IBO! ;-)).

I'll keep you posted.