Subject Re: [IBO] Restoring a LookupCombo box value
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Okay, there is a table called PHASE, each record has a PHASE_ID, I
>want a ComboBox that gets filled with PHASE.DESCRIPTION values. I
>select a value in the ComboBox, and press a button, it writes the
>PHASE_ID that matches that description and the current time into a
>flat file. After an amount of time, I press the button again, and
>it then creates a TIMECARD record, and deletes the flat file.
>When the program starts, it looks for the flat file, if it exists, it
>assumes that it never got the end-time, meaning I either ended the
>program, or Windows exploded. So it reads the two values out of the
>file, and restores the variables. I would like that if the ComboBox
>was pointing to a specific record when it wrote the flat file, that
>it be pointing to the same record after we restore the values from
>the flat file.

Probably fairly simple. Make sure you get to the right record of your
TIB_Query, and simply
TIB_Query1.FieldByName('PHASE_ID').AsInteger:=YourRestoredValue; (assuming
it is in edit state).

I think that should get the right value for you in your ComboBox. By the
way, why do you use this flat file rather than writing directly to your


(PS! I haven't seen your mail on Atkin yet)