Subject Re: [IBO] Restoring a LookupCombo box value
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Paul,

>I will make an assumption here that I can add a new record using TIB_Query,
>filling in the values I want a la TTable. Is this a safe assumption?

Probably, if you mean that you can use FieldByName('Paul').AsString,
AsDateTime etc. The main difference I can think of, is that you better get
familiar with transactions, and that C/S development is quite different from
desktop development when talking about speed.

>Now, I would like to be able to store PHASE_ID in the flat file, and then
when we
>restart the program and read this value into the TIB_LookupCombo so that it
>shows the value, sort of as a persistant object. Is this doable, or should
I use
>TIBO_Query, or worse do I need to troll the table, I only look at about 30
>records at any one time, so I don't mind.

Do you mean simply
TIB_Query1.FieldByName('Phase_ID').AsInteger:=PaulsIntegerVariable; ?
I don't quite understand what you're after, but I think a TIB_LookupCombo or
a TIB_ComboBox may be what you want. TIB_LookupCombos requires that both
master and lookup datasets are correctly set up as well as their datasources
- if they're not you'll just have a LookupCombo that doesn't work without
telling you why and probably face a few hours of debugging if done for the
first time. The Getting Started Guide is great for TIB_LookupCombos.