Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Edit and computed value.
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Dave!

> So I have the idea to put the height in cms as calculated into an Ib_Edit.text instead of a label and link that to the dataset directly. Alas this does nothing !
> In fact if I click on the Edit it simply copies back the old value out of the dataset.
> So what I need to know is what action normally causes the Edit.Text to be passed to the dataset ?

After the link is established, all this is supposed to happen automatically. Just make the changes directly to your TIB_Query or whatever and it should be updated on your screen (or rather, that's what I think it's supposed to do).

If your question is rather when the data on the server is updated, I'd say it's when you commit your transaction.

> I can use the TTrackbar event of 'on stop drag' to invoke this action but what is it? Is is 'lose focus', but the edit has never had the focus ?! Is it Tab keyed ?

Just forget the entire TIB_Edit once it is set up (it's only for display purposes), work directly on your data (TIB_Query)!