Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Edit and computed value.
Author Dave Bullar
I have a Form where the operator has to enter the customer's Height in cms.
I have done this with a vertical trackbar, which on change converts its position into a height in cm (and ft and inches) which is shown on a label beside the trackbar. The operators like this. (It is much quicker than entering from the keyboard or using a spin-edit, and they can look at feet and inches if they wish although cm is what is stored).
The values are inserted into the data record when a 'check' button is pressed.

Now I am trying to convert to use data-aware controls instead.

So I have the idea to put the height in cms as calculated into an Ib_Edit.text instead of a label and link that to the dataset directly. Alas this does nothing !
In fact if I click on the Edit it simply copies back the old value out of the dataset.
So what I need to know is what action normally causes the Edit.Text to be passed to the dataset ?
(The dataset is from an ib_query with sql * and 'for update' and of course the source and 'height' field linked to the ib_edit.)

I can use the TTrackbar event of 'on stop drag' to invoke this action but what is it ? Is is 'lose focus', but the edit has never had the focus ?! Is it Tab keyed ?

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