Subject Re: [IBO] Grid and LookupCombo - Lokkup popup list width
Replying once more...

> I guess the first thing to check is that there are no settings in
> IB_Connection.FieldsDisplayWidth or the same property of the lookup
> dataset that are causing the incorrect size to be used.

In my case FieldsDisplayWidth is empty.

> Also check the contents of the GridLinks property of the lookupcombo
> itself. There have been recent changes to how that property is
> implemented that we may need to check.

It contains only one line - DEPNAME (in order to avoid DEPID

> Can you tell me whether the size changes on the second or third
> attempt to show the popup list and also whether the lookup happens
> be the first or last column in the grid? I am just wondering
> the problem relates to the order of initialisation.

Size does not changes on the second etc. attempt to dropdown.
It is initially smaller than field size (as defined in database)
and smaller than grid column width. Combo is in the middle grid
column in my case.

So, after examining source code I found the solution -
DropDownWidth must be set to -1 - in this case width
of popup list will be the same as of Combo width.

BTW - grid column with Combo always shows button at the
right side (when I focused them) - even not in edit mode.
Is it correct behaviour?