Subject Re: [IBO] IB_DataSetPageProducer anyone?
Author Daniel Rail
There is another package you can install that contains
TIBODatasetTableProducer. Maybe you can look at what has been done in this
component to create the IBODatasetPageProducer.

Daniel Rail

At 01/05/2001 11:52, you wrote:
>I am going to need a native IBO version of Delphi's DataSetPageProducer
>and perhaps DataSetTableProducer.
>The first should be trivial even for one who doesn't (yet) know the
>inner workings of IBO; WRT the second, I don't know yet (I suspect that,
>given the poor attitude of Borland's engineers WRT virtualizing methods,
>it will be a matter of a huge copy&paste of code from the VCL source; I
>hope not, though).
>I was wondering if anyone had already created such components, othewise
>I think I will go on, implement them if I can and make them available to
>anyonw who needs them.
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