Subject Current record refresh in TIBOQuery

I want to refresh the current record in a TIBOQuery without applying
all of the WHERE conditions that were used when the record was first

The reason I want to do so is that the dataset is populated with
records of a particular status value. The user then edits a selected
record (using a seperate form with a seperate dataset) in such a way
that the status is altered. I want to refresh the record in the
selection form so the edits are visible, but when the REFRESH method
is called the record is dropped from the dataset because of it's new
status. For the refresh I really just want the record fetched using
it's key values.

Is this possible? Do JoinLinks play some part in this? Currently
JoinLinks are null.

The select statement includes a number of joins using the old WHERE
where a.field1 = b.field1
and a.field2 = c.field2
and a.status = 'W'

I can see that it could be difficult (impossible) for IBO to
distinguish between the join part of the WHERE and the filter part of
the WHERE (a.status = 'W').

Would changing the select to use the newer JOIN X ON systax help?

I believe that IB_Query can give me the required function but I want
to avoid converting for the moment if possible.

Any help or tips will be much appreciated,