Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IB 3.6Dc Resource Error
Author Dietrich Schulten

"Mario Zimmermann" <mail@...> schrieb:

> I had the same problem.
> I assume that you are using one of the non-english versions of
> IB_Constants.pas. If so, look into the english version for
> UPD_BAR_RFRSH_FILT and insert it into your localized version.

> You have to change the version information at the beginning of the
> file so that it shows 3.6.Dc.

Daniel Rail is right, this resource is missing in IB_updatebar.res.
However, not only do you have to copy it into IB_updatebar.res, but you
also have to delete IB_Updatebar.obj and recompile, BCB doesn't realize
the resfile was changed.

Probably that's why Jason has no problem: although the resource is
actually missing in IB_updatebar.res, it must be in his obj file, so
there seems to be no problem.

Jason, could you please add a res file with the missing resource to