Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid with non cancalable numeric error message!
Author Daniel Rail
At 25/04/2001 19:10, you wrote:
>IBO 3.6.Ca D4/SP3
>A floating point field contains a value, let's say '0.5'. The user
>adds accidentally another dot at the end.
>An error message "'0.5.' is not a valid floating point value." pops
>up, which cannot be cancelled out. Any click on 'Ok' or 'x' does not
>make the message box go away while it is impossible to edit the
>numeric value in the TIB_Grid field. Well, the message box does go
>away but only to pop up again straight away.
>There is not tcpip traffic during this state. It appears to be a
>'local' problem.
>Any ideas out there? Thanks.

First thing I would suggest is to upgrade to IBO 3.6D and see if the error

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