Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advertising
Author Daniel Rail
At 25/04/2001 07:17, you wrote:
>For the record:
>I didn't actually mean to imply anything about anyone who has written
>technical review material.
>I consider pencil pushers people that make catalogs and such. Not those who
>actually have current experience and expertise and write about it. The
>reason I want to clarify it is because I have the utmost respect for Arne.
>Does anyone ever look at the book that comes with Delphi in the box that has
>3rd party stuff in it?

Yes, this is how we started to gather information on useful components(for
us) when we acquire a new versions of Delphi. This was useful before we
were aware of all the web sites that we know of today to search for
components. Basically, this is more useful for the beginner.

>How about Caz Cat (Zac Catalogs), Programmers Paradise and goofy stuff like

My colleague has a subscription to Zac Catalogs and I occasionally look in
the Programmers Paradise or on their web site for new stuff.

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