Subject Ctrl+V in memo can not start edit.
Author Claus J. Pedersen
Hi all

If you have a TIB_memo control connected to a TIB_query you vill observe that you can't use ctrl + v to start edit mode and the contents of the clipboard will not enter the memo control. If you first enter a char (any) to start edit mode then ctrl + v works fine. The problem is, that in the constructor of IB_CustomMemo the line

inherited ReadOnly := true;

will prevent ctrl + v (WMPaste) to get posted to the memo control. It seems that windows will not post if the control is read only. I can see that normaly the procedure "EditingChanged" will change "readonly" when an attempt to edit starts, but it will not work with the memo control as the attempt to start ( WMPaste) never arrives to the control.

A quick soulution is to change the line in the constructor to

inherited ReadOnly := false;

but i don't know if that will give any other errors ?

Claus J. Pedersen

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