Subject Re: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?
Author Chuck Belanger

You know I'm not really the person to answer this, but in all fairness to any
BDE connection with Interbase, or something else, there is much less overhead in
VFP and if you use properly prepared indexes, "Rushmore" technology takes over
to give phenomenol speed for record sets less than a couple of million. I can
only report what I see in what I use which are admittedly local, desktop
database applications. It probably is a whole other story when comparing the two
in client server work Even in the FoxPro community most are using other backends
for such work.

I am hoping that there is a way of optimizing Interbase for local work. Or, at
least its faster than what I've seen--5-10 minutes to run a fairly straight
forward series of local queries on about 35k records seems awfully slow to me.
Whether its 10x or 100x faster would depend on actually timing it and how one
sets up the routine. Certainly, "100x" may be somewhat of a hyperbole, but 10x
is a very reasonable quess.


Ang Lik Huar wrote:

> Chuck,
> How can Foxpro is 100x faster than BDE ??