Subject Re: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?
Author hannes hernler
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Von: Chuck Belanger <phytotech@...>
>....My experience has been with Visual
>FoxPro which would easily be 100x faster than BDE....

a little story:
I heard that TWA (airline) is about a 100 times faster
than Greyhound (late USA-bus company).

where? from New York to L.A.? yes.
from N.Y. to New Jersey? from 81st street to 85th street? NO
from N.Y. to London? no, you never came there with Greyhound.
from N.Y. to Little Big Horn? no, you never came there with TWA.

every database system has it´s advantages and so it´s own methods
and algorithms to solve a special problem.
I had a query in IB that needed 2-3 sec, 120000 internal fetches...
I changed 2 indices, built a stored procedure and got a solution that
only fetched 130 times internally and needed no time.

conclusion: first optimize your database, you can gain 1000 %
in performance. then try to trim you access and increase speed
some more 20%.


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Von: Chuck Belanger <phytotech@...>
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Datum: Dienstag, 17. April 2001 23:43
Betreff: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?

>I'm in the middle of a project which has been using BDE access for all
>queries, updates, etc and we need to look at ways of improving
>performance. We have a number of instances where a cascading query is
>made on the record set (about 40K records now, but could grow in the
>next few years to several hundred thousand), i.e. keep querying a
>parent_id of a record to create a tree view or listing.
>Recently worked on a portion of the code that goes through the file to
>do this and to do all 35K items, it took 5-10 minutes, depending what
>other applications were using memory. My experience has been with Visual
>FoxPro which would easily be 100x faster than this.
>Does anyone have experience in comparing a IBO vs a BDE access speeds to
>give me a broad idea of what kind of speed increases we can get by
>replacing the BDE components with IBO?
>Chuck Belanger
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