Subject Re: [IBO] Slow connection times
Author Daniel Rail
At 14/04/2001 19:11, you wrote:
>I dropped an IB_Monitor and an IB_Profiler on my data module to
>investigate further. I also set the page buffer size to 5000 in the
>ibconfig file and uncommented this line, then stopped and restarted
>the server.
>If I start my application solo, the profiler reports "Num Memory
>Buffers = 75", however, if I start IBConsole before running my app,
>the profiler reports "Num Memory Buffers = 5000". I tried this a
>couple of times, running things repeated, and in different orders,
>etc. and I always get 75 buffers from my app unless I run IBConsole
>first and leave it running before starting my app.
>If there something in the TIBODatabase which resets the server to
>defaults if this is the only connection made?
75 buffers is a setting found in TIBODatabase and TIB_Connection. It can
be set up to 255. These are the buffers for the client connection. Each
client has its own set of buffers.

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