Subject Re: [IBO] Slow connection times
I dropped an IB_Monitor and an IB_Profiler on my data module to
investigate further. I also set the page buffer size to 5000 in the
ibconfig file and uncommented this line, then stopped and restarted
the server.

If I start my application solo, the profiler reports "Num Memory
Buffers = 75", however, if I start IBConsole before running my app,
the profiler reports "Num Memory Buffers = 5000". I tried this a
couple of times, running things repeated, and in different orders,
etc. and I always get 75 buffers from my app unless I run IBConsole
first and leave it running before starting my app.

If there something in the TIBODatabase which resets the server to
defaults if this is the only connection made?


Dave White

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> Hard to say. The SQL Trace monitor would reveal this if it were so.
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ