Subject Slow connection times
I've been having some problems with slow connection times on my
office setup (up to 20 seconds) which I narrowed down to the
TIBODatabase.Connected command.

Last night I ran some tests on my home system. The home system isn't
networked, so the connection times are faster, but I did discover one
issue which I hope somebody can explain.

I have three Delphi applications, all compiled with the same data
module which connects to an Interbase database. There are a couple
of lines that surround the "connected" statement which time the
execution of this command. No matter which application I run, I
always get about 70ms to connect, so long as nothing else is
connected to the database. But if I leave the application running,
then start another, the connection time of the second application
takes about 1500ms (1.5 seconds), that's 20x longer. I also tried
this with IBConsole attached first, then started one of my apps, and
still get around 1500ms.

Is there any reason for all but the first connection being SOOO much

Running IBO 3.6

Dave White
SpectraChrom Software
e-mail: dave_white@...