Subject Re: [IBO] Design question about master (master?) detail relation
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> mmenaz@l... wrote:
> >
> > Hi, I've 3 tables, A that is sure the master one, B that is detail
> > respect to A, and C that is a detail for the A and B current row,
> > i.e.
> > the A+B primary key are the foreign key for the C detail table.
> > Since the TIB_Query has only one possible reference for a master
> > datasource, what is the best way, eventually better code location,
> > for
> > solving this problem?
> > ...
> Marco,
> just have a look to the MasterLinks Demo in the IBO┬┤s Sample
> That looks exactly like what you trying to do.
> Harald
I don't think so. MasterLinks Demo is a master(a) detail(b) detail(c)
problem, where (b) is, alone, the master for (c).
In my situation (c) is detail of (b) PLUS (a), since the (c) table
unique index and foreign key is based on fields in (a) PLUS fields in
(b). I think that the better solution could be redesign my database
structure to bring it to master detail detail problem... You did not
answer my question but gave me a better way of thinking...
Thanks :)
Marco Menardi