Subject Re: [IBO] prevent Rowchange in Grid while state <>dssbrowse
Author Tomas MichalĂ­k

stahlberger@... wrote:
> Found a way in a thread from sep.t/2000

For those who don't have the message or can't find it - subject of that
thread is "Intercepting scroll while state in dssEdit/dssInsert" and I
was able to find it on MERS archives.

As I don't have a full source I can't make the suggested change in
TIB_DataSet.MoveBy method. I verified that current version (3.6D) still
need that change in order to solve this issue. Would that change hurt
some other functionality ? If not, could it be changed in next minor IBO
version ?


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> Subject: [IBO] prevent Rowchange in Grid while state <>dssbrowse
> | Hi all,
> | any ideas how to "freeze" an IB_grid while query.state <> dssbrowse?
> | For up- and downkey i use OnBeforeScroll to lock the Grid to the current
> | inserting/editing Row, works fine.
> | To prevent from Mousclicks on another Row i have no idea. Do You?


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