Subject Re: [IBO] IBO can't put value larger than 922 into NUMERIC(18,8) field
Author Harald Klomann
Ron Pacheco wrote:
> I ran into a strange problem today and haven't had a chance to dig
> into the possible code issues, but I thought I'd report it. I have
> found that I cannot put a value larger than 922 into a NUMERIC(18,8)
> field when going through IBO (well, 923 fails anyway, but I didn't
> check possible values between 922 and 923). I spent quite a while
> thinking this was a problem in my app, but then I loaded Interbase
> Workbench, which is also built on IBO, to put a larger value in the
> table to help in the debugging, and the same problem occurred!
> I have to conclude that this must be an IBO issue and not an issue
> with my app. I've changed to a double precision field and the problem
> in my app has disappeared, but it seems like there might be an IBO bug
> here?

What version of IB and what dialect you are using ?