Subject SynEdit for IBO - anyone interested?
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi List,

as a side effect of my work on the IBO Stringlist proped (yes, i'm still
working on it, but don't have much time at the moment...) i made an IBO-aware
version of TSynEdit called - guess what - TIB_SynEdit :) (IB_native, not

It's a 100% alternative to TIB_Memo, but with the benefits (and limitations)
of TSynEdit: Syntax Highlighting, code completion, *no* wordwrap, only
fixed width fonts etc.

The source is kind of merged from about 90% TIB_Memo and 10% TSynDBEdit
(the synedit BDE-aware version). That's why i'm not sure if i can put the
source of the unit into the Files section.

Jason, any objections?? If so, please let me know! (TSynEdit is pure open
source, but since IBO is trustware i thought i'd better ask before...)

Anyway, if anyone is interested, let me know. I guess i can put out
the .dcu at least...