Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with TIB_ComboBox
Author Daniel Rail
At 10/04/2001 19:18, you wrote:

>Daniel Rail schrieb:
> >
> > At 10/04/2001 18:55, you wrote:
> > >Please don't attach code enforcing business rules to the controls. Attach
> > >them instead to the events of the dataset and datasource components.
> >
> > I can't really qualify it as business rules, because the user still has to
> > make a selection. Here's the scenario:
> > The program is being developed for a local soccer league. They
> > want to be able to assign to which soccer field the child could play based
> > on the number of players already registered and by the age group of the
> > selected child. This is what the TIB_ComboBox selection values should
> > reflect(i.e.: "Soccer Field Name (5 players)"), but I only want the soccer
> > field name to be saved in the table. This is why I have to dynamically
> > populate the drop-down list for TIB_ComboBox using Items and ItemValues.
> >
> > Any other ideas how I could accomplish this?
>Although I'm really into soccer I'm not sure if I really got it.
>Since there is a fixed (well quite fixed) number of Soccer fields I
>think you (should) have stored them in a separate table.

Thanks for your reply.

The Soccer fields are stored in a separate table. I need to be able to see
how many children are already registered for each fields listed in the
combo box, so that there isn't an over booking for each soccer fields.

>So why don't you use a TIB_LookupCombo that's just bound to your other
>table by the KeyLinks and KeySource?

I'm thinking of using it. I still have to learn it in order to use
it. TIB_ComboBox seemed to be the right solution, but apparently it might
not be.

Thank you for your comments and they are taken into consideration.

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