Subject RE: AW: [IBO] Offtopic: Data replication.
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
I agree that we should join efforts. I disagree on the NT Service module. I
feel the program should be generic pascal to make for easy porting to kylix.
This would also help to keep the code base simplified and not have two
development trees.

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Subject: Re: AW: [IBO] Offtopic: Data replication.

> After my project finishes in about two months time. I will have a bit more
> time for myself. I would be willing to head such a project. I have need
> replication as well and I think such a opensource project would be a
> help for the community. Such a project should an must be on par and better
> than IB Replicator for it to succeed. If you(community) would support me
> the effort please let me know, if not let me know as well.

I plan to have a Trustware based replication module for IBO. I would be most
grateful if everyone interested in working together on replication would
rally around this effort.

It will include the NT Service module and have some admin tools to set it
all up.

Since it is Trustware all those who assist will receive totally free access
to it as well as IBO, the Services module and whatever else is required to
pull it together. I really hope that this licensing and development model
will find favor and show what all it can do.

For now I have code for one way replication in place because the fuzzy text
search module I have actually allows you to store the index in a separate
GDB file and this requires replication to accomplish that. I'd like to see
it go beyond that if possible.

Here's the parts we need to figure out.

Our own system metadata definitions. We will have tables that store how
everything is configured. Changes to those table will trigger the governor
service to implement those changes in the database. If successful the
metadata will reflect the status, if not error entries will be given. This
will make it really easy to setup remote administration of governor services
do all the actual work.

Oh well, I'll hold back for the rest of the details until I am ready to plow
full steam ahead.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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