Subject Re: [IBO] Conflicting explanation?
Author Jason Wharton
Refresh does a RefreshAll. To do the others you say RefreshKeys or

I need to deprecate RefreshAll and InvalidateRows.

Jason Wharton
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Subject: [IBO] Conflicting explanation?

> This is from the current help:
> RefreshAll method
> This does a normal Refresh but it also does and InvalidateRows() as well
> that there is a complete refresh of all of the buffer for the dataset.
> Applies to:
> TIB_Dataset
> Declaration:
> Function RefreshAll: boolean;
> Description:
> It is the same as the Refresh method.
> Well, is it the same than Refresh or is it Refresh plus InvalidateRows? I
> find the explanation contradictory, unless more information is provided.
> Maybe they are exactly the same when FetchWholeRows is true but not the
> when FetchWholeRows is false?
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