Subject RE: [IBO] Modified property not working ?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>NeedToPost is always True after the dataset goes into edit-mode, even when
>didn't change anything.
Nice to know, I never checked that.

>One more thing : when a user inserts a record, and he cancels his insert, is
>it necessary to call a commit or commitretaining after a cancel. Or there
>was no physical transaction yet??
I think the transaction started when you opened your dataset. For the OAT
(Oldest Active Transaction) to advance the transaction has to be
committed/rolled back (CommitRetaining won't do), but I think IBO can
manage quite a bit automatically if it just manages to read to the end of
your dataset (i.e. no large query returning 100 000 records). I'd guess it
would manage that even though you edited and called cancel (i.e without
using Commit), but it is purely a guess from my side.