Subject Re: [IBO] IB_WISQL problem (maybe)
Author Paul Little
No this is a brand nw SP. I tried your suggestion (sort of - I shut down
WISQL and restarted it) but got the same error.

The trouble is if I could find out what the offset figure related to I
would probably be able to sort it out. i don't suppose it relates to the
number of characters (or something) from the begining of the SP code
does it?


Geoff Worboys wrote:
> > I am trying to load a stored procedure from a script file
> > using IB_WISQL and it loads and executes ok but when I click
> > on "commit and end" I get an error:
> Paul, I have occassionally had this error after altering stored
> procedures or triggers. It usually means that I got something out of
> sequence and IB let something through that it shouldnt have. (Its
> dependancy checking is not perfect.)
> If you have recently altered a trigger or procedure (either the one
> you are having trouble with or any trigger or procedure that may be
> impacted by the work it does), try dropping and recreating.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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