Subject IBO Version 3.6D TIBOFloatField now TIBOBCDFields ?
Author Antigua
Hi Jason,
We have just installed Version 3.6D and now all the Numeric fields are
screwed up, it seems to report them as TIBOBCDFields instead of
TIBOFloatField, Thus causing the IDE to pop up Application Errors whenever a
grid is displayed with a TIBOFloatField in it. I see you said there is a fix
posted in the list. As we only have bought the partial source does this mean
we are not entitled to this fix ?
If we are could you tell me how to get the fix and also how to apply it .
You said in a news item " Look in IBDataset.pas and you will see where it
does this" I cant see IBDataset.pas in our source code, is this because we
only have the partial code again ?
Best regards
Colin Coleman