Subject Many records and slow searchkeybykey ?
Author Cristian Ivan
Hi there !

I'm trying now to rewrite a accounting program from Access to
Interbase (IBO+Delphi) and I'd like to know if there'd be any speed
benefit in the main workload of the process: findind records :) What I
mean is that there are millions of records containing serial numbers
of different products (ex: 15AT233XXX, where XXX is incremented from
000). Locating such a record in Microsoft Access was getting slower
and slower as the database grow, getting to the point of waiting 5 sec
after pressing a key...which is not productive at all.
Could you please tell me if the same thing will happen in
IBO+Interbase? Is there anything I can do to speed the things up, to
be prepared for the times when the database will have 200.000 or more
records ?

thanks in advance

Best regards,
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