Subject How to increase performance (a lot of Queries used)
Author Hug
C++Builder 5, IBO 3.6Cf, station Win98, server Win2K

I have a form, and I make a lot of "QueryActions" in OnActivateForm Event;
exactly the following:
1 TIB_StoredProcedure->Prepare
6 TIB_Query->Prepare
4 TIB_Query->Open
2 TIBO_Query->Prepare

All together takes 10 seconds. The IB_Connection was already open. I would
like to improve this retard...
Can someone give me a guideline, some advices, about how to increase
performance on this ? (only on IBO side, not hardware, not LAN)
I guess TIB_Query->AutoFetchFirst, TIB_Query->GetServerDefaults, could be
important... or not?
Which properties are decisive, what it suits to avoid, etc.

Thanks in advance,