Subject RE: [IBO] Large Blob Insertion
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:07 PM 03-04-01 +0800, you wrote:
> > That aside, it does sound as if the buffering of data in IBO
> > is your problem. Once the buffers are allocated is it any
> > faster. That is, is a second insert any quicker?
>No, subsequent inserts are not faster. Interestingly, the browse performance
>is not too bad, it is just the insert/update that is REALLY slow.
> > Have you tried puting the data in as a parameter in IB_DSQL.
>Just tried that at your suggestion. It didn't seem any faster. But since I
>am attempting to use a data aware control I don't think that technique would
>be very helpful anyhow.

Then don't use a data aware contro for DML. Stream a TMemo.Lines or TRichEdit.Lines into the TIB_Blobfield of a TIB_DSQL for your inserts and updates.


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