Subject Re: [IBO] Error while reading pmOrderingCalcFields->OnPopup
Author Geoff Worboys

> > "Error while reading pmOrderingCalcFields->OnPopup :
> > incorrect property value"
> >
> > I use IBO 3.6D, with BCB5
> Ok, i comment the following line in the ibo_c5.cpp :
> //USEUNIT("CustomEditEnhReg.pas"); // PA le 29/01/2001 de
> Geoff W. Then i rebuild and it works now.
> I think it should be good to have it working with 3.6D.

This is really really strange. pmOrderingCalcFields is a popup menu
and is not even attached to an EditEnh control, so I do not know why
removing the registration unit should make any difference.

I cannot reproduce this error under BCB4. Do you have a form file
(should not need the whole project) that causes the problem that you
can send privately.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing