Subject Re: [IBO] Error while reading pmOrderingCalcFields->OnPopup
Author Pascal Amesland
Hello Pascal,

Saturday, March 31, 2001, 10:59:53 AM, you wrote:

PA> Hello ,
PA> When i try to edit a IBQuery, i get the following error message

PA> "Error while reading pmOrderingCalcFields->OnPopup : incorrect
PA> property value"

PA> I use IBO 3.6D, with BCB5

PA> Should i go back with 3.6Cf or has someone got a solution ?

PA> Thanks

Ok, i comment the following line in the ibo_c5.cpp :
//USEUNIT("CustomEditEnhReg.pas"); // PA le 29/01/2001 de Geoff W.
Then i rebuild and it works now.

I put this line on 02/29/2001, when Geoff told me that there was
a Mask editor, that wasn't included in the BCB version.
it worked with the 3.6Cf version.

I think it should be good to have it working with 3.6D.

Thanks and have a nice WE.

Best regards,
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