Subject Re: [IBO] Searching
Author Lele Gaifax
HK> Lele Gaifax wrote:
>> I tried using the usual OnPrepareSQL, but of course didn't
>> work as the query is already prepared at this time...
HK> procedure qryPrepareSQL(Sender: TIB_Statement); begin
HK> qry.SQLWhereItems.Add('MemoField CONTAINING ' + someword')
HK> end;

As said, maybe I'm missing something, but that doesn't seem to work!
I have a breakpoint on that event, and it isn't triggered when I post
the search... I tried doing the same within the BeforeExecute event
handler but, AFAICU, the doc is clear: only within PrepareSQL I'm
allowed to alter SQLWhereItems....

Should I call InvalidateSQL on memo's OnChange?

thanx a lot,
bye, lele.
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