Subject Re: [IBO] IBOPipeline and Vanishing Delphi
Author Geoff Worboys
> If I place a TppReport and a TIBOPipeline on a form as soon
> as I assign the IBOPipeline to the TppReport Delphi just
> vanishes.
> I've no idea what to do or where to look :-(

Recently I experienced something similar what I ended up doing was
putting a recursion check flag in the following procedure...

FRecursionFlag: integer;
to the private section of the class declaration and change the
following procedure as shown.

procedure TppIBOPipeline.CreateDefaultFields;
liField, FldCount: Integer;
if FRecursionFlag = 0 then // << ADD
try // << ADD
Inc(FRecursionFlag); // << ADD
// These tests copied from derivation to avoid processing when
not wanted...
if (CreatingDefaultFields) then Exit;
if not(AutoCreateFields) then Exit;
if not(FieldsOutOfSync) then Exit;
if (csReading in ComponentState) or (csLoading in
ComponentState) or (csDestroying in ComponentState) then Exit;
FldCount := FieldCount;
for liField := 0 to FldCount - 1 do begin
SetWorkingColumn( Fields[liField].FieldName );
Fields[liField].FieldAlias := FWorkingColumn.DisplayName;
finally // << ADD
Dec(FRecursionFlag); // << ADD
end; // << ADD
end; //procedure, CreateDefaultFields

Try this and see if it helps. If so we can update the latest copy of
the pipeline.

Someone recently told me that the one in the files section was not
working (which I think is still the version I posted a while ago). If
that is the case, does anyone know what the lastest version is - I
think we need to synchronise and ensure the files section version is
update to date.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing