Subject Re: IBClient RootDirectory question
Author Norbert Nemeth
> Hi!
> I would like to develop my application that
> the IB client should not been installated
> on the client computers ( I'm using IB v6.0 ).
> In my opinion the next criterions should be executed:
> 1. The gds32.dll should be in the client computer ..\System subdirectory.
> 2. The 'gds_db 3050/tcp' note should be in the services file.
> 3. The 'RootDirectory' ident should be in the
> 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Borland\InterBase\CurrentVersion' section.
> Questions:
> - Have I left out anything from the list in your opinion?
> - What should be the value of the 'RootDirectory' ident?
> What does the IB apply this ident?
> - Do we need the interbase.msg file on the client computer?
> If yes, where should it be exactly? Perhaps, can we get
> the answer from the 'RootDirctory' ident?
> Could you please help me?
> Regards,
> Norbert