Subject Re: [IBO] DataModule question
Author Nando Dessena

> There is also a very easy way, to have multiple instances of forms when using
> data modules :


> 3.) From your forms:
> MyDataModul := TMyNewDataModul.Create(Self)
> .
> .
> .
> that´s all - and it works !

Interesting; I usually just do step 3 followed by

MyDataModul.Name := '';

Once the linkage is resolved (at creation time), the data module has no
need to have a name whatsoever.
So far I haven't had any trouble.

I'll add that with the peculiar (data-driven) architecture of IBO, it is
much more frequent to have to reference the data access components from
UI code (whereas it is much less frequent to actually have to write UI
code ;-)), and since I don't like cross-module references, I'd second in
many cases Jason's proposed strategy of putting it all on the form.