Subject RE: [IBO] Right Trimming Again
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: Domingo 25 de Marzo de 2001 16:18
> Geoff,
> <SNIP equality tests>
> Very interesting thing, I didn't know it.
> > So if you are building an application in which spaces are significant
> I'd add if you are building an application in which trailing spaces are
> significant, you better get another job. ;-)
> I have never said that I would base any code on the fact that a trailing
> space is there or not, nor that I would search for a record considering
> trailing spaces. Just that I don't want anything between my app and the
> database server massage the data.

I've got an answer from the only SQL expert we have in the IB community,
regarding comparations in the engine (how they should be done). I will post
the letter soon.